The Chat facility is made available to our valued clients between 9.30 am to 6.30 pm from Monday to Friday.
Please note this facility is not available on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
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 I accept the terms of use for chat facility

1) Through this chatting facility, the Company attempts to provide you information to your queries of general nature like product features, processes,branch details etc.

2) In case of any specific query pertaining to your policies, you are advised to contact our or through any of our branches.

3) In case of any conflict between the information provided in the chatting facility and information contained in the policy document or any other official communication sent by the communication, the latter shall prevail.

4) The Company attempts to provide you reliable information through this facility; However, you accept that there are likely to be some discrepancies in the information provided through the chatting facility and that you shall seek a written confirmation of any information from the Company if according to you, such information is vital and is likely to have an impact on your decisions.

5) You also agree that any information provided through, this chatting facility does not give raise to any cause of action for you against the Company to raise any legal disputes against the Company and you agree that you will not use the information provided in this chatting facility against the Company in any Forum of whatsoever nature and shall keep the information provided to you strictly confidential